US citizens are not allowed to participate in True Flip's project due to legal restrictions.

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How to play


Guess 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and 1 number from 1 to 26

The game is based on the PowerBall principle. However, we have decided to significantly increase the winning possibility by reducing the total amount of numbers from 69 to 49, which gives about a 1.3 time more significant chance to win than the one available in the PowerBall itself.

For instance
  • 23
  • 44
  • 12
  • 25
  • 7
  • 13
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Fill out fair game tickets

Choose the number of tickets that you would like to fill out and send to the draw. Fill them out manually or automatically (randomly by the system). If desired, the selected bet may not only play in the upcoming run but also play in several future ones.

Ticket price 0.0004 BTC (US$ 2.48)

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Pay with any convenient way

We accept all primary cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, BCC, DASH and DOGE. Fund deposit/withdrawal is instant and secured by 2FA and e-mail verification. All related transactions appear on the blockchain, so they are easy to check. We purpose 60% of the ticket sale earnings to join the Prize fund. For your comfort, we have also developed Flipcoin, an exclusive in-game reward system. Flipcoins will be awarded for exchanges using cryptos, TFL tokens, and for supporting our products.

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Wait for a run

Draws occur daily at (08:00 PM) 20:00 GMT. The system determines the winning set through an open-source randomizer. The code is published on GitHub. The results are posted on the website and in official social media channels and social networks.

Till the next draw 15:14:10

If your numbers match

Winning bets are the ones which ticket numbers match those of the winning combination set out in the table below. If some category loses in the current draw, then the accumulated amount joins the next draw as a part of the Jackpot.

Match Prize Probability
Jackpot 1: 49 504 950
16.0000 BTC 1: 1 984 127
4.0000 BTC 1: 225 225
0.0800 BTC 1: 9 014
0.0200 BTC 1: 5 241
0.0080 BTC 1: 374
0.0040 BTC 1: 210
0.0020 BTC 1: 73
0.0012 BTC 1: 46
0.0004 BTC 1: 15
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