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How the winning combination is generated

  • After the rally closes, we expect another Hash in the blockchain. Suppose this is a hash that we've got:
  • This Hash is divided into:
    0000000000000000005 8676 34c3 6328 4caf 01ce5 dd2d 6e2a 6c2a b260 30f3 3493
    Each of these sequences of 4 (beginning with the tail) is then converted to a number using NHEX with base 16: (3493)16 = (13459)10
  • Then the number 13459 is divided modulo by 49 (or 26 for the last iteration), and the remainder is taken as one of the balls: 13459 mod 49 = 274 x 49 + 33
    Consequently, the first ball -33
    We repeat this procedure 5 times and discard the number that is already in the set. For the last ball, we simply use mod 26 instead of mod 49.

More about Hexadecimal (Article from Wikipedia)

Hexadecimal to Decimal Converter

If you are a coder you can check the algorithm, published Open source.
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