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Fair international blockchain games with instant payouts, open source code, fair draw process and transparent prize fund

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fjw**** 0.00720 BTC 23/06/2018
jul**** 0.00560 BTC 23/06/2018
ars**** 0.00400 BTC 23/06/2018
ipo**** 0.00320 BTC 23/06/2018
blu**** 0.00160 BTC 23/06/2018

Why True Flip

Instant payouts
Absolutely fair!
60% of the proceeds of the ticket sales join the prize fund
Full transparency

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People really win

I played 10 times and won twice! One 0.025btc another 0.0025btc.Wow,I am so lucky!!!
eud**** Won 0.03010 BTC
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